Tuesday, May 12, 2009

16 X 20 Sepia LDS Temple Pictures

Salt Lake LDS Temple Picture

Logan LDS Temple Picture

Bountiful LDS Temple Picture 1

Bountiful LDS Temple Picture 2

Ogden LDS Temple Picture

Draper LDS Temple Picture

Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple Picture 1

Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple Picture 2

Provo LDS Temple Picture

Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple Picture

Jordan River LDS Temple Picture

Manti LDS Temple Picture

St. George LDS Temple Picture

Boise LDS Temple Picture
Rexburg, ID LDS Temple Picture

Idaho Falls Temple Picture 1

Idaho Falls LDS Temple Picture 2

Las Vegas LDS Temple Picture
Billings, MT LDS Temple Picture

San Diego LDS Temple Picture

Los Angeles Temple Picture
Sacramento, CA LDS Temple Picture
Oakland, CA LDS Temple Picture
Baton Rouge, LA LDS Temple Picture

Washington D.C. LDS Temple Picture

16 X 20 framed LDS Temple Pictures for $89.00. Get the 16 X 20 LDS Temple print without the frame for $45.00.

For an additional $5 the bottom right hand corner of the Temple picture can be personalized! Example:

Robert & Chelsie
March 25, 2005


  1. Wow Chelsie you are very talented. AMAZING!

  2. FANTASTIC CHELSIE!!! I need a Mt Timpanogas!! Let me know if you get one!

  3. Hi there. do you have any of the Idaho Falls temple? I would love one personalized in the right hand corner. Thanks, Katy from Idaho

  4. Hi, I am a friend of Audrey's. I would love a picture of the Manti Temple. Thanks Celeste

  5. Amazing! You are doing great. I looked for you at Summerfest, but it was take down time...and wet. Thanks for sharing your blog...I'm going to add it to mine if that's alright?

  6. Chelsea,
    My husband really wants one of these. I need to come look at the frames in person. I wondered also if you could match a frame for my family proclamation that I just made. I'll have to show you. Maybe not the exact same frame, but one that would look good with the temple one. Jen C.

  7. I put a link on my mom tested blog. I hope that's okay!

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  9. Hello! i'm wondering if you could possibly post a st.george temple pic for me!! your pics are so pretty.. thanks

  10. beautiful pics, looking for an Oakland, CA temple, thanks!!

  11. I need to order the print of the San Diego temple.
    You can email me at kericallison@hotmail.com

  12. Thanks so much, again for your help at Mindy Mae's on Saturday. I absolutely love the photo and can't wait to hang it up (it's my Christmas present, and my husband insists I have to wait!). I just wanted to tell you again how absolutely talented I think you are - you really have an eye for this!

  13. Your photos are so amazing! Love it!

  14. Hi

    love your work. I didn't see anywhere to order from. I am looking for three pictures. Idaho Falls Temple, Boise Temple, and San Diego Temple. One for each of my brothers and one for my parents. I would also like them customized. If you could get back to me that would be great! ASAP


    Zach Jones


  15. Hi,
    I just sent an email wanting to get an LA picture and frame, but I wasn't sure if the email sent. Please let me know. Thanks, Celeste hardingcrew@gmail.com

  16. My wife and I would like a print of the Bountiful temple (we like your style)--however, we don't like the angles of either of the prints posted. My wife really likes the pillars of the temple, but we think the one posted makes the whole temple look too flat---do you have any others or will you be doing any others?

  17. I want to buy 5 of these for me and my family members ($89 size) and you have all the temples I need except Billings. That is always a problem. NO one ever has the Billings, MT temple whenever I see these pictures. It is possible you would get one soon. I want to give these pics for Christmas but won't do any if I can't get Billings. I would also like them personalized.

  18. These are very very Pretty!!! I love the Logan and SLC temple. Very nice work :)

  19. I would love one of the St. George Temple - just beautifully done! :)

  20. That is so cool! These are so neat. I need the Boise Temple one. Would be perfect to hang in our very first home that we are in the process of purchasing. I can't wait to decorate my very own house! I'd hang this right above the fireplace as soon as we moved in!

  21. Chelsie,
    Audrey just told me about this. I'd get the Logan temple if I were the lucky winner. Beautiful, Beautiful
    Amanda (from volleyball)

  22. Hi Chelsie,

    Are you the photographer then? Your prints are classy. Thanks for sharing them. We love the Boise, Salt Lake, or Logan temple pictures.

  23. Love them all. Partial to the Jordan River Temple for many reasons!

  24. Hi!

    My fiance and I are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on February 24th. I'd love to get that picture. You do great work. :) Thanks for your time. :)


  25. I just purchased "Salt Lake" for my son and his fiance, but i would love to win a "Salt Lake" for myself! tinkhammom@live.com

  26. Hi!< I love your pictures, they're amazing!.
    I was wondering if you could get a pictures done of the temple were we got married , the Buenos Aires temple in Argentina.
    Please let me know. this is my em ial: julybill@gmail.com. Thanks!